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PostSubject: RULES! YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST!   RULES! YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST! Icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 7:45 pm

Hello there! Before you begin posting on our website, I want to introduce you to the rules here. Though we can be fun, we do have those rules to abide by. This will only take about 5 minutes of your time, so please, please, pay attention closely as I will only state this once.

Everyone is given a warning meter. The better attitude you harvest, the better experience you will have on the forums.
RULES! YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST! Full= You are excellent here on the forums! You have no warnings, so let's keep it that way.
RULES! YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST! 75= You only have had one major warning on this forum, so we suggest not going below here.
RULES! YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST! 50= Halfway to the banning point! We suggest you clean up your acts, or you may be sliding downhill.
RULES! YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST! 25-1= As a last resort, we ask you to think before you post and keep in mind what we have been warning you about.
RULES! YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST! Banned-1= Last but not least, this "banned" meter shows that you have run out of warnings. It could be a suspension or it could be a permanent ban, so do not come here at all!

1. Be courteous to all
Here on the forums, kindness is key. Please keep in mind that we have people of all types on the internet, so some may hurt easier than others. Though it might be funny to you, a joke to someone else can damage their self-esteem so be wary of your posting content. Do not ever put a member in an uncomfortable position either as it can be hurtful. Do not, either, discuss religion, ethnicity or politics as we all have our respected opinions.

2. Keep links to yourself
Unless you would hope to become an affiliate of ours, we do not wish to know what website you think is best or where to go to rat another member out. Outside links that may be yours, a friends, or a type of social networking does not have its place on the forums, so please restrain from the link sending. We do allow reporting through private messaging, so don't be a fool and get caught in the private messaging systems. Once again, affiliates of ours have all rights (upon request) to rely links to others.

3. No personal information!
Personal information is to be kept secret to every individual being. We do not want to hold anyone accountable for risking their humanity by giving out street or city addresses, e-mails, social networking info, screennames on personal websites (such as Instagram, twitter, facebook, skype, etc.), full names, schools, phone number, etc. You never know who is hiding behind the mask of the internet. Things such as your first name, state, country, etc. is perfectly fine as long as you are being safe.

4. Do not spam
Spamming on Roleplay-Warriorcats is regarded as rude and messy. Not only does it give our site a bad outlook to others, but it is also unneeded information and time wasters. All topics that belong on the forum should have a point or discussion (Except for those in the Game Thread) and should be related to the board you are in. Using excessive caps, punctuation or colors, too, is annoying to us, so please stay away from it.

5. Multiple Accounts
Though multiple accounts are not disallowed, we do frown upon it. If you have brothers or sisters in your household that access the same site, make sure that they too follow the rules. If one person in the same IP (Whether it is solely you or a sibling), all accounts will be in trouble. Another reason we do not advertise the use of multiple accounts is because you have a higher risk of being IP banned or hacked.

6. Keep it PG
Again, this site is accessible to many younger children. No one in their right mind would want to read more-less roleplay something above the PG level. This includes that of Romance and Gore scenes (Birth, fighting, etc.). If you need to, skip the scene to lessen your chances of getting punished.

7. Do not steal
You can look at this rules in several ways. Graphics wise, Art wise, photography wise, or even roleplay wise. Though a plot might not fall under a category, things such as intros or characters can. Be unique and use your own imagination. Do not post pictures you do not own or you did not create because we aren't a forum that allows that type of stealing.

8. Leave it up to the mods
The Mods and Administrators have all the power they could need. If it violates the rules, a mod or I can easily delete or edit a post simply because we are allowed to. We do not want you to discuss our actions on-board, so if you have a problem, please PM or e-mail one of us for the complete answer. Also, do not impersonate a mod. If you have a problem with someone or something, you have the simple task of just reporting and moving on.

9. Censors are important
Please do not bypass, substitute, or alter a filter in any way. A censor is there for a reason and will not be tallied upon. Cussing also has its severe punishments.

We will not hesitate to act upon the wrong. We have the sole right to ban, move, delete, or alter members and topics without warning, so do follow these rules. They aren't here for the fun of it.


Administrator of the forums
Will sign siggies upon request, so start asking!
-SwiftJay- On the original boards <3
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