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PostSubject: Spirits   Spirits Icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 9:04 pm

Quiet murmurs threaded through the soft black wings of night that lay draped across the uppermost branches of the massive forest trees. The only light that could be seen were tiny glows from the fireflies, like stars that had fallen to earth and remained hovering above the soil as to illuminate the overgrown paths and delicate fallen petals that made up the forest's very being. The moon was naught but a wisp of smoke, hidden by a thick bank of clouds that reduced the true stars to blots of pale, rather ghostly light.

Between the broad trunks of towering pine trees, a flash of electric blue could be seen. It remained largely hidden by foliage and pine boughs, but bits of intense light flashed where one's vision could be unobstructed enough to catch a glimpse of the magnificent elk that gave off the strange blue light. It stood tall, sure of its place in the world, raising its chin, its pure dark eyes shining with the flash of lightning-bugs. Its mighty antlers, huge and smooth and pale in the frosty night, were suffused with the blue light that ran in beautiful streaks and whorls along the hard surfaces. There was a glorious kind of cohesion within every marking of aqua glow that laced along the bull elk's antlers. The elk threw its head down, and then back again; there seemed to be imprints of the elk's glowing horns left where they used to be raised. All darkness of near-midnight was banished by the brilliant blue glow of the elk's antlers.

The elk started off at a slow trot, carefully setting one rock-hard hoof in front of the other. It escalated its gait to a saunter, then a jog, then a run. Soon, it was speeding through the forest, leaving streaks of fluorescent sapphire spilling from its antlers. Rhythmic pounding shook the very heart of the forest as the imposing form of the spirit elk bounded into the farthest shadows of the forest.


A dark form, made purely of shadows, rose from its place at the top of the mountainous hill. Its silvery tail, lit by pale points of starlight, seemed to flow like liquid silence. Its paws were planted commandingly upon the soil, its head raised defiantly. The figure's eyes shone with a bright, energized blue, the same as the markings upon its face. The beautiful sapphire glow eddied in swirls and rosettes and rings, lighting the figure's sleek muzzle and pricked ears.

Almost at once, the wolf sped down the hill, accelerated by the ease of downhill travel. It ran like it was powered by the wind, giving a magnificent leap at the bottom. For a moment, its lean shape was silhouetted against the sky, the electric aqua casting light to the moorland grass below. The thump with which it landed seemed to shake the entire earth, and every blade of grass, star in the night sky, firefly hovering over the hills bowed down to the powerfully glowing wolf.

Its silver-gray fur was smooth and well-groomed, agleam with the luster of well-fed nights. Its satiny tail was raised, a banner in the night, seeming to glitter as if covered with many droplets of water and frost. Nothing dared stir for miles around, seeing as the wolf was awake and circumspect, its brilliant blue eyes narrowed to shards of turquoise. It flexed its toes, curling its lip back to reveal burnished ivory fangs. A slight snarl escaped its mouth, but it was a noise of acceptance. For across the land, where peaty soil became russet leaves and bracken, where the tallest of the tallest of trees protected and lovingly nursed the fertile loam beneath their crowns, the wolf's well-trained eyes could capture a glimpse of luminance. Bright cerulean luminance. And though the spirit elk was so far way, the spirit wolf knew that he had locked eyes with his counterpart. The wolf dipped his head in a solemn nod, and the elk did the same.


Upon the death of the spirits, struck down side by side with the hunger of winter moons, their blue light faded, slowly at first, but then faster and faster, as if leaking from the creatures' bodies beside their throbbing life force. And though the two spirits were gone, two more would rise at the exact moment of the originals' death. And the prophecy written at the beginning of time was fulfilled as, in lands separated by miles of forest, rock, sky, and water, a jaguar cub and an eagle chick were given new life. And once again, the entire earth shone with the marvelous blue light granted to the spirits, a cycle, like a spinning wheel. Over and over and over again it would commence, always to provide the creatures with two spirits, always to roam the earth until the inevitable time of death.

This was how it was always meant to be.

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PostSubject: Re: Spirits   Spirits Icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 9:15 pm

Oh. My. God. That was so beautiful<3
I love all of the description you included and it made me feel like it was there. Again, Oh. My. God. You should write a book, like how the cycle was interrupted or something. I don't know, it would be amazing. Your writing is amazing

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