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 Fanatic Challenge Rules

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PostSubject: Fanatic Challenge Rules   Fanatic Challenge Rules Icon_minitimeSun Mar 24, 2013 2:22 pm

The Fanatic Challenge is a series of questions from the official books that test the knowledge of readers. Whether the questions may be about the books or this site, you must be on the balls of your feet to participate. The Fanatic Challenge, as of now, will occur two times a year. June-July and December-January.

The times of the FC will try to be in favor of each time zone. It may be 1:00 in the afternoon for central states, another might be 12 pm in the eastern states. We will help by posting a notification of when the next challenge will be. This notification will appear two to three days before the official challenge question. When it comes time to posting the question, we can post it within 5 minutes of the set deadline, so we recommend you x-out of all tabs before hand.

Some rules that are and are not permitted in the Fanatic Challenge:

- Users are NOT allowed to edit their posts. This shows you have cheated, and will be dismissed.
- Users CANNOT post twice. You can post your answer and chat, but no answers twice. If this happens to be the case, we will take your first answer only
- Depending on how much a spelling error differs, we will decide whether or not it is allowed. If you mix up a letter, it is alright, yet if it looks like you smashed the keyboard, then try again next time.
- You CANNOT enter with two accounts. If this is proven, you will only get it for the first account replied, and moved onto the next winner.
- You must not spam the boards during this time in efforts to hide answers.
- Bragging rights are not disrespected, but we ask of you to keep it at a low level. It might be a happy time to you, but others may have wanted it just as much

The amount of winners depends on the number participating. If only 10 users participate, only 2 will win. If, however, 100 people participate, only 10 will win. We will not extend the amount of winners per round, so don't expect us to have another lot of winners.

The Fanatic challenge will usually have 5-8 questions per challenge. Even though the amount is not mentioned, stay on top of your game and participate in as much as you can.

For each challenge, there will be a new fanatic symbol. Like in the original forums, we will change each year. It might be a pawprint one challenge, a cat face the next. You may never know!

To all of you reading this, please do your best to follow these rules and have fun.!


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Fanatic Challenge Rules
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