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PostSubject: Starter Session   Starter Session Icon_minitimeThu Mar 14, 2013 12:54 am

If you are new to this type of forum, please read this little section on how to adjust. Thanks!

Getting Started

How do I post?
Before you post, I suggest you read all rules so you know what to and what not to expect. To post, however, you must be a member of the forums. There is a little FAQ's section for guests if you have any questions before getting started. [Link]

To post, on each thread, there is a button above each avatar that says "post reply". That is the full posting forum which allows you more options for your post. If you want to type something simple, or quick, just scroll down to the bottom of the page where a quick reply is awaiting you.

How do I change my profile settings?
When you want to change something such as your screenname, signature, avatar, or something else, scroll to the top of the page and click profile (This is in-between Usergroups and Private messages). Once you click on that, you will be directed straight to the editing section. You will have 7 tabs.

  1. Information- This is where you can change your e-mail, password, etc. The comment section is something only the the mods and I can see, with the inclusion of you. You MUST leave everything in the contact field BLANK! This is considered personal information, and will be removed.
  2. Preferences- This is a place where you can change anything you like about your profile that mainly includes mass-emails and privacy settings. PLEASE keep the e-mail setting on NO.
  3. Avatar- This is where you can choose an avatar from our selected group. All are official artwork owned by Harper Collins, and it must stay that way. Click "show gallery" at the bottom to choose from there. DO NOT upload ANY avatar that isn't provided by us. If you have a suggestion, however, please tell us below, or in the Feedback and Suggestions.
  4. Notifications- These are options that you can select, when selected yes, provides a pop-up message including what you allowed.
  5. Topics being watched- Right above the Quick reply, there is a small link called: "Watch this topic for replies". When you click this, it will notify your account of any replies on that topic.
  6. Favorites- To favorite a thread, in the top right hand corner, you should see Share|Actions. Click on actions (This will provide you with a drop down menu). On the bottom portion, it says Favorite this thread.

What are Karma Points? How do I earn them?
Karma points are a small ranking system based on your posts. Even though the amount you have doesn't show your knowledge, it shows your love to the forums! To earn these points, each post earns you one point. Here is the ranking system:

To become a Kit: 0 posts
To become an Apprentice: 25 posts
To become a Warrior: 100 posts
To become a Deputy: 200 posts
To become a Clan Leader: 500 posts
To become an Elder: 1,000 posts
To become a Starclan Member: 10,000 posts
To become a Starclan Leader: 50,000 posts
To become a Super Message Board User: 100,000 posts

What is Spam?
Spam, or Karma games are not allowed. Spam and/or Karma games are made by a user to earn karma points. While this is highly disallowed, you might have some forum restrictions if you do so.

What are Usergroups?
User groups, only used by staff members, help users differentiate Administrators from Moderators. If this is helpful enough, we might give ordinary members some user groups.

About the Forums

Are these boards watched?
Yes, these forums are watched by some careful eyes. Us staff are here to protect us all and have a good time.

What are some of these buttons?
When you use Full Reply, you get massive amounts of buttons. Let us explain a few:
  1. B- This means BOLD. You can click that to make text look big!
  2. I- This button italicizes text like this!
  3. U- This button is used to underline text
  4. S- This kind of text is used to put a line through it!
  5. Lines- Those four boxes shows the way you can align the text!
  6. ATTENTION! Do NOT use the buttons Link, Flash, or Video. Posts using these will be removed
  7. The button with two A's make text bigger or smaller. The one with colors can colorize text, and the one with the single A can change the font.
  8. Others- This button can give you a lot of fun stuff! Look below:

Index makes text smaller
Exponent makes text smaller as well.
To open, click the word Spoiler

Horizontal scrolling moves text to the left
Vertical scrolling moves text up and down
Ignore the random and WoW!

How come my post is starred out?
If you post something, and it ends up like this: **** , it is because you have used a word not allowed on the forums. Do NOT try to by-pass it.

Why was my post or thread deleted?
If you see your post OR thread deleted and don't know why, chances are, something was against the rules. Most of the time, the thread is moved to the Holding Area where it is decided whether or not to be deleted. Once it is deleted, it can NOT be revived. if you want to know why it was moved or deleted, please contact me or a mod through a private message.

Can I chat with other members?
As of right now, the chat box is disabled, but members are allowed to PM, private message, a person on the forums. To keep this allowed, please be courteous and nice, for we can see all messages passed to and fro.

How do I private message?
If you want to secretly chat with someone on the forums, all you have to do is click on your message button (Very top under the site title) and once you get there, click 'New post'. You can then go on from there!

How and when should I report?
To report a post, simply click the exclamation mark in the top right corner of a post. Then, please click the reason that best describes why you are reporting it- If you can't find a reason, click other, and PM me why. You should always report a post that goes against the rules, even if it is a friend of yours. If you accidentally post a thread in the wrong forum, report yourself, and we will move it for you!

Administrator of the forums
Will sign siggies upon request, so start asking!
-SwiftJay- On the original boards <3
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