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 I forgot my password!

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PostSubject: I forgot my password!   Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:34 pm

Does your password not work or you simply forgot your password all together, look at this before you post a thread.

Step One: Try out your password just in case. If it does not work, try the "I forgot my Password" link after a few tries. Most of the time this will help, but if it doesn't, resort to step two.

Step Two: Perhaps your e-mail is inactive or is just acting up, preventing you from your log-in. One way to solve this is by using this form to alert us mods:

**Email #2:

*= This is the e-mail that you signed up with. Make sure it is what you remember!
**= If you have a new e-mail and you wish to use this instead, fill out the new one here

Step Three: The moment we give you the "OK" on your form, it is your choice whether or not to take your e-mail out to prevent spam mail

Step Four: Changing a password can take a few days max, but once we get around to it, we will e-mail you a new one that you can change.

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Will sign siggies upon request, so start asking!
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I forgot my password!
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