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 Few FanClan Rules

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Few FanClan Rules Empty
PostSubject: Few FanClan Rules   Few FanClan Rules Icon_minitimeThu Mar 14, 2013 4:19 pm

All clans will be deleted or moved to the Holding area if these are caught in your clans.

  1. Forcemating- Forcemating is when a cat forces or makes a cat be their mate against their will. This sort of roleplaying isn't very kind to others, and we believe everyone can find a mate based on their preferences.

  2. Kit-___ing- Any forms of kit-__ing EXCLUDING stealing, saving and styling (Meaning, those three are allowed) are no permitted on the forums or fan clans. Anyone found Kit-___ing will be penalized, for they have been warned multiple times (This goes for slaves as well. All cats here are free, unless they are prisoners.). If you are having trouble remembering what you can do, remember: S.S.S (Stealing, Saving, Styling)

  3. Cannibalism- This is down right disgusting, and we will not allow cats eating other cats. All cats die eventually, so please, keep it at a low gore/violence level.

Rules permitting Stealers and Savers:

On the original forums, it has come to my attention that there are many flame wars between these two. Below are a few rules to hopefully prevent most cases:

Stealer Clans
- Always make sure there are some members on before you steal
- NICELY ask the clan if they will let you steal. Remember, politeness is key.
- Do not god-mod or powerplay. Your cat's strength is the same as the others' during this time. If you are a power-clan, powers are disabled.
- If you manage to steal a few kits, use them, don't abandon them.
- If a Saver wants them back, make an agreement between the two such as: Let's make another copy of Risingkit so we can both have him.

Saver Clans
- Basic rules apply. Make sure there are enough members on, and ask before you steal. Follow all of the Stealer Rules above
- If you are a clan that drops off kits, don't pop in and do it. Tell them who you are at first and ask if it is alright. If not, find another place.

Us staffers do not have a preference of stealers over savers, or the other way around. If your clan happens to get deleted, but the other clan doesn't, it is most likely because your clan either:
A) Started and/or provoked the fight
B) Was the main place the fight stayed
C) Did not follow the rules above

Like everyone else, if you have a question or concern, do not hesitate to PM us.

Administrator of the forums
Will sign siggies upon request, so start asking!
-SwiftJay- On the original boards <3
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Few FanClan Rules
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