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 How Skill Points work.

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How Skill Points work. Empty
PostSubject: How Skill Points work.   How Skill Points work. Icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 5:20 pm

You may be wondering what Skill Points are. Well, as a starter, Skill Points (Or SP) are basically a money system here on Roleplay-Warriorcats. The more you post and the more active you are, the number of your Skill Points goes up. With these points you can buy little items, achievements, or even benefits. Though you aren't allowed to give some to a friend just yet, you surely can do much with them. Down below you will see a list on how the points work.

Gaining Points
Joining :: 1000 Skill Points
One Post :: 2 Skill Points
One Subject :: 3 Skill Points
Per Friend :: 5 Skill Points
Raffles :: Amount told on Raffle
For staying active both here and on our Affiliate's Site :: 100 Skill Points monthly
Winning Fanatic Challenge :: 150 Skill Points

Losing Points
Warnings :: 25 Fresh Kill
Suspensions :: 150 Fresh Kill
Cheating/Scamming :: 300 Fresh Kill

Just remember that these balances might change without notice, and that you might not get your subtraction/addition of points immediately. Thanks!

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How Skill Points work.
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